Running a construction site is a very demanding job, and we have found that crime prevention is often not seen as a first priority. Yet the loss from theft suffered by the construction industry each year is estimated in millions.
Construction sites are easy targets for thieves, large open areas, poor fencing, bad or no lighting, and readily accessible building materials and tools all contribute to this. Worst of all when theft does occur the loss of time to replace stolen goods costs money, let alone the items themselves. This can be crippling for a site.
Therefore a good security plan and well trained guards are a must, and that is where we can help you best. Protecting your site will be our number one priority.
Static security is most often used to control access to buildings or offices. The officer remains at one location ensuring that only authorised personnel are permitted entry. The guard will ensure that any sign-in procedures are adhered to, and if desired, will issue visitor identification badges to your guests.
Our uniformed security officers are diligent in their report-taking and will undertake their duties in a courteous, discreet and professional manner.
With full operational support and communication to ensure both the guards and your property are safe. You have the most reliable protection possible with the URGENT SECURITY GROUP Static Guard Team.
Our static security guards receive class room training and are qualified in ‘CONFILICT MANAGEMENT’ ‘HEALTH AND SAFETY’ Most of the Urgent Security Group guards are ‘FIRST AIDERS’ ‘TRAFFIC MARSHALLS’ ‘FIRE MARSHALLS and CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) trained.
We operate all over the UK to fulfil a variety of roles including the following.

  • Static Guard      
    (Construction Sites, Official Building)
  • Transport Management
    Stock Control
  • Reception
    (Hotels, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals)
  • Gate House
  • C.C.T.V Operators
  • Car Park Security